Underpinning Melbourne

Underpinning Melbourne

Macro Underpinning Melbourne offers professional underpinning solutions. Our services includes re-levelling of floor, re-stumping, Reblocking etc.

Apart from these we also do salt damp removal, wall cracks repairing, sloping floor repairs, treatment for misaligned windows and doors, repair of cracks in plaster, cellar waterproofing, foundation repairs, and even repairs for sinking floors. We give 10 years of warranty on our underpinning services to give you full worth for your money. What’s more? Our certified and licensed underpinning services can be availed anywhere in Melbourne at the most affordable prices. Call us to get a free, no-obligation quote for any of our services!

Making Foundations Stronger – The Underpinning Company

Underpinning services need to be done by experts who have ample skills and enough experience in the field. Macro Underpinning is your one stop solution for all underpinning problems. Whether it is a small crack in the walls or a misaligned window – our experts have just the right means to deliver finest solutions for all your troubles. Our skilled professionals know how to stabilise structures and strengthen the foundation of any building.

Underpinning Melbourne
Underpinning Melbourne

Macro Underpinning works to give you peace of mind in life. How relaxing it is to know the building you live in or work in is safe and sound! We work here to give you that satisfactory feeling. We give assurance that with the foundations that we lay down, your buildings will never ever have a problem. Our state-of-the-art underpinning solutions are available all across Melbourne at the lowest possible prices.

Call Macro Underpinning Melbourne to know all about our services, our prices, and our guaranteed services!

Underpinning Contractors Melbourne

Macro Underpinning Melbourne is responsible for laying a solid foundation for your building to make it strong and sturdy. Any building in which brick veneer walls and concrete slabs are used loses its strength over a time period. When the alignment of the brick veneer loosens up, cracks start appearing in the slabs. For your safety it is crucial to cure this issue and resolve any underpinning related problem. We use heavy jacks to prop up any cracked or sinking slabs and then use concrete for brick alignment. This overall enhances the strength of the building.

Underpinning Contractors Melbourne
Underpinning Contractors Melbourne

Restumping/Reblocking Melbourne

Restumping/reblocking is somehow analogous to underpinning but there is one exception. In restumping, our experts will replace the whole stumps. We use jacks to dig out the foundation and then replace cracked stumps with new ones. In some cases this leads to minor damages to walls or floors but with Macro Underpinning you don’t have to worry about such issues. Our experts will take care of any damage done during restumping.

Salt Damp Removal Melbourne

Salt damp is a common problem in building and it happens when the damage occurs because of moisture and salt. If you see any kind of gassy plaster, failing mortar, odour, or bubbly paint then these could be signs of salt damp. At Macro Underpinning we have sure shot methods for salt damp removal. Our guaranteed services cover residential and commercial buildings. We manually remove damp from the affected area which is called undersetting process. Then we use plastic dampcourse to make a water proof barrier to protect the building from any further salt damp. This plastic is then used as the foundation on which we build the wall.

Underpinning Restumping / Reblocking
Underpinning Restumping / Reblocking

Re-Leveling Melbourne

Macro Underpinning Melbourne offers re-leveling solutions for problems like loose floors, cracks, uneven floors, and jammed doors. We push certain areas of the floors using hydraulic jacks and then support the same by a plastic packing system. This helps us take the floor to a new level. We use the existing concrete stumps as the foundation to lay this packing system.

Sinking Floor Solution Melbourne

Sinking floor is a problem caused due to poor construction or excess moisture. Don’t worry Macro Underpinning has got you covered. We have solutions for beams sagging and rotting of the joists. If you see a floor bowing in the middle (known as trampoline effect) then you need expert intervention. Call our experts and leave it to us.

Re-Leveling Melbourne
Re-Leveling Melbourne

Floor Replacement Melbourne

Wish to get new floors for your home/office? Macro Underpinning offers the finest range of floors at the most affordable prices in Melbourne. We use the latest tools and avant garde flooring techniques to bring a new life to your property. Apart from that, you can also use our flood recoating and floor stain removal services.

Cracked Wall Repairs

At Macro Underpinning Melbourne, we do crack wall repairing too. Common reasons for cracked walls could range from varying weather conditions, leaking taps, ignored plumbing issues, or just bad construction. Give us a call and we will find the exact cause of the problem and fix it in no time.

Subfloor Installation & Repair

Another of our services at Macro Underpinning Melbourne is installation and repair of subfloors. We are equipped to handle any kind of floor or tile damages with utmost precision. For subfloor repairing our method is to nail processed wood to the joists.

Why Hire Macro Underpinning Melbourne?

Macro Underpinning is a leading name in Melbourne. We are known for providing our customers with 100% guaranteed results with our services. If you need an underpinning service then here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Ours is a 20 year old company
  • We are locals of Melbourne
  • We promise lowest prices in Melbourne
  • We work round the clock
  • Our services are available in all areas of Melbourne
  • We hire licensed and certified technicians
  • We provide emergency underpinning services
  • We use contemporary flooring techniques

Macro Underpinning is a registered building practitioner in Melbourne. Whether it is a service or just a consultation that you need, we will be more than happy to help you in any way. Call us today!

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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